How it all started (briefly).

From January 2013, I visited my local hospital 3 times in 3 months with some self-inflicted injuries which involved a road bike, some après-ski table dancing and a dodgy French surgeon.

Whilst going through my bouts of rehabilitation I noticed the large number of older people waiting for their own physio appointment’s following a fall they had suffered.

There were loads of poor souls!

After some research, I realised this was reaching epidemic proportions, with falling being just one problem amongst many others older people were suffering.

It hit me like sledge hammer, that this problem starts just after retirement or around 55, when our bodies start to lose muscles mass at a quicker rate.

This reduction in muscle mass also results in loss of strength, power, balance, posture (see image) and even mobility of the joints, because strong muscles are responsible for the range of movement at every joint, in particular the ankles, hips, upper back and shoulders.

So being retired myself at 55, I got busy!

I qualified as an Active Adult Fitness Trainer and starting to build my business, by giving talks to groups of retired people, telling them my story and informing them what is exactly happening to their bodies and what they should do to fight back!