Way of the Roses

"Probably the Best Bike in the UK" (That Nobody Knows About - Until Now....) The Way of the Roses coast to coast cycle route. between Morecambe and Bridlington. It took us 6 couples from Goostrey, 4 days to cycle the 170 miles, well is actually a bit longer because...

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Do You Have Lower Back Pain?

Do Bend at the Waist or the Hips Every training session at my Gym for the last 3 years has included a "Hinge" movement. But WHY you may ask Well simply when you bend over you have two choices, to bend from the waist or bend from the hips Bending from the waist exposes...

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You Will Never Get Advice Like This From a Doctor

Firsty, this is not a rant at Doctors or NHS No, its more about personal responsibility and as always it will end up being about exercise which along with Nutrition are my two big obsessions Back to the doctors, in a recent book I purchased called The Doctors Kitchen,...

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Don’t Eat Crap

Don’t Eat Crap! I could start and end with that statement, because we all know instinctively what is good for us and what is bad. So, what’s the problem, it should be simple Billions are spent every year on diet books, supplements, weight watching groups and...

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Muscles Matter

MUSCLES MATTER Why Muscles Matter There is something called the “ageing muscle” and it’s a big deal for people over 55, especially women after the menopause Sarcopenia affects us all in varying amounts, people who have a more sedentary lifestyle will find their...

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Mobility Matters

MOBILITY Mobility Matters The Ability to Move Freely Pain Free Here is a list of the joints where you MUST keep your Mobility The Ankle          The Hip Joint The Thoracic Spine (Upper Back) The Shoulder Joint Each of these joints has a range of  movement and we must...

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Balance Matters

BRAIN BODY CONNECTION Balance Brain Body Connection I see balance a little different, to me when we do Balance Training in our sessions we are achieving two things. Firstly, our training has us attempting to balance on one leg at a time with or without assistance,...

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GRATITUDE   What's gratitude got to do with keeping fit? From all I have read about being really grateful, its similar to exercise in that it just makes you feel better about yourself and if you are interested here is a great article to read about the subject...

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MY OLD SLEEPING HABITS Years ago I would chase every opportunity, never miss a deal, I hated to lose, and would have a zillion thoughts going round in my head, how to get bigger, better and it would go on...I owned and ran a golf retail business for over 30 years. It...

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