Don’t Eat Crap!

I could start and end with that statement, because we all know instinctively what is good for us and what is bad.

   –  ENJOY!!

So, what’s the problem, it should be simple

Billions are spent every year on diet books, supplements, weight watching groups and everything in-between.

But obesity continues to grow, along with diabetes so what is the answer of eating better.

Well the simple answer is, there is no simple answer.

Eating well is a habit or maybe even a skill and like any other skill or habit it has to be practiced every day.

Remember the old saying “practice makes perfect”

So how do you start leaning this new skill.

Well it’s certainly not with some Daily Mail headline stating something like…

“Eating Six Blueberries Soaked Overnight

in Apple Cider Vinegar” Cures Obesity”

No, I think it starts with a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping badly sets you up for a bad day, a day of sugar cravings, high and low energy levels, just bad decisions and food choices

On the other hand, a good night sleep which begins early evening with a good “Sleep Routine”, which could include any of the following…

No Facebook, no looking at emails, no sugary snacks, but yes to hot bubble baths, deep breathing exercises, ONE glass of wine, maybe a herbal drink, or a night time journal where you can write any thoughts that’s bothering you or something else that just relaxes you making you feel sleepy

  Young Man Downloading a Sleep App

The routine continues by waking up and rising the same time every day, start learning your nutrition craft by researching what a good breakfast looks like, ideally low sugar, high fibre, some protein and healthy fats. So what does that mean to you?

Fibre – keeps you fuller longer, gives your gut a strenuos workout that it badly needs and lowers cholesterol!

Protein – Burns calories while your body absorbs the stuff and sends messages to your brain, like “I’m full don’t feed me”

Too Much Sugar – Spikes your insulin, making you crash around 11 oclock – which is obviously bad

Healthy Fats – High Calorie Food for energy, helps your body function better and improves skin health

So, what does my breakfast look like, well I have few, but mostly its…

Two Wheetabix (Low Sugar/High Fibre), Raw Milk from Andrews Hollishead Farm in Crewe (Lots of good bacteria and protein) Chai Seeds (Good Fat, More Fibre & more good stuff, apperently its a superfood)) + a little honey!

I was not always so fussy about my breakfast routine, in fact only 6 years ago I was your typical Frosties, Loops and Cornflakes type of guy, so basically a bowl of sugar! Today I’m a Fibre, Protein, Good Fat type of Guy.

So you can teach an ‘Old Dog New Tricks” Woof Woof!

It would be tempting to give you a complete healthy meal plan, but that’s not practical, sustainable and you learn nothing.

Remember good nutrition is a skill, like learning a new language a few words at a time, but asking for the bill in French will not improve your diabetes

But as with sleep, good nutrition is probably not attainable, if other areas of your life are out of sync, you know like..

Crap job that you hate, stressful relationships, really challenging  kids, boring life, and that sort of thing

Life is messy, but it also goes on for a while, so you have time to get a grip?

I could go on and on…

But I’ll stop, because I’m hungry!

But remember if you can start on this good nutrition skill, just aim for 70% of good stuff, I still eat and drink the crap!

Perfect is boring!

Finally, where do you get solid, sensible, research based nutrition information from?

Here’s where I go

Speak soon



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