Firsty, this is not a rant at Doctors or NHS

No, its more about personal responsibility and as always it will end up being about exercise which along with Nutrition are my two big obsessions

Back to the doctors, in a recent book I purchased called The Doctors Kitchen, Dr. Rupy Aujla mentions his five years of Medical studies which included just 20 hours of Nutrition and nothing on exercise.

The only advice a Doctor will offer on Nutrition is to “eat a well balanced diet”. (What does a well balanced diet look like day in day out – that’s another blog)

Furthermore, here are the UK’s guidelines on exercise..

To stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should try to be active daily and should do:  (Why 64? They shoud extend it to 74 or even 84)

  • at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or brisk walking every week, and.
  • strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms)

I would say the advice by the Doctor and UK government is sound!

The problem is, and I’m being conservative here, when I say 3 in 4 people will not achieve either of these recommendations, this has become a HUGE problem for the UK.

For instance every year the NHS spends £11 billion treating Diabetes 2  and that is puely a lifestyle condition, too much processed food and to little exercise

I’m sure I am preaching to the converted, because I know a good number of you exercise regulary and also  fill your body with wholesome nutrious food.

The information that follows is intended to help all you busy people to stay fit and healthy.

We must find ways to “build exercise into our day”, which could be as simpe as parking at the furthest point from the supermarket doors. Walk briskly to the front door and similar on the way back.

Next, you may have seen the recent “Trust me I’m a Doctor” on BBC2 based on Fitness  where it had two groups of volunteers

Group 1–  Walked 10,000 steps per day

Group 2–  Walked “briskly” for 10 minutes three times per day (Briskly means  getting slighly breathless, you should be able to talk but not sing according to Michael Mosley)

The experiment was to find which group benefited most.

The Winner was Group Two – Even though they moved for a far shorter period, the expert deemed they  worked their heart and lungs at a more intense level, providing their body with more health benefits.

And without getting into too much detail on how are bodies age. The facts are your health at a celluar level is by far your biggest bio marker of real health, taking this one step further your cells are either dying or regenerating.

Exercise that works your heart rate at around 70-80% of your maximum rate for short or long periods significatly helps this regeneration process. 

Unfortunatley this takes effort, everyday!   Not too much, but just enough!

So how can we “build these short busts of exercise into our day”

If you type in  “Short Workouts” into Youtube you with get literally millions of videos to follow

OR you could simply  “WASH YOUR CAR”

Below is a video of me doing a “Speed Car Wash”, I was wearing a Polar FT1 Heart Beat Monitor combined with a matching chest strap, the most reliable method for measuring Heart Rate.

The thing about washing a car is that its a “good old fashioned exercise” that works the whole body, similar to digging with a spade, brushing up leaves, chopping wood, and cleaning the house.

The jobs that many people have out-sourced and instead would rather spend money on a gym membership we rarely use or fitbits we get bored with.

At the Car Wash with Benny Hill (AKA Tony the PT) from Tony on Vimeo.

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