50 is a nice round number and that’s fine with me!I train 47, so three more members and we are full!
I’m NOW a firm believer in the concept of “Less is More” I even bought the Book…and it’s brilliant! Obviously I have changed over the years”

Years ago I would chase every opportunity, never miss a deal, I hated to lose, and would have a zillion thoughts going round in my head, how to get bigger, better and it would go on…

Yes, more was obviously more…

I paid the price in my relationships, mental and physical health for this attitude to life.

So what’s changed?

I think it comes down to being more present, not missing the really important stuff in life, not sweating the small stuff and yes having a good nights sleep, that old chestnut.

But all the above takes planning, practice and some discipline

For the last 3 months, I’ve been basically sat on my glutes, contemplating my navel.

Getting plenty of practice of doing less!  Ask my wife!

I’ve been thinking how can I put this concept of  “less is more” into action, so here are some changes I made…

I now have less clothes in my wardrobe, constantly dropping off at the charity shop or just giving them away. So I appreciate my others more

I now have less projects on the go, so I can focus completely on the others more.

I now interact less on Facebook, I’ve “unfollowed” loads of people, drastic but true, so now I have less distractions and I get more from fewer posts

This is a constant process of deciding what’s really important which is not always that obvious, from there I have a clearer view of what’s not essential.

And if it’s not essential I get rid!

Leaving me time and headspace for the important stuff.

Based on the same theory, I’ve also decided to cap the number of members I train to 50, so as it said in the header, 3 more and I’m full, this also leaves the odd space for members to swap and change!

Meaning these 47 to 50 people are extremely important and as such deserve the best of me!

I deliver 23 sessions per week, that’s plenty for old man bloke with a dodgy knee!

So, rather than chase more local members I would like to design an online membership program based on what I do offline, I will be focusing on my three areas of interest, knowledge and passion.

Movement, Nutrition and Brain Health.

I’ve set myself 12 months to bring this together and I will need the program testing throughout, so FREE access will be available to you once it’s built..watch this space…

Also, over the next 12-months I will be sending out regular blogs aimed at educating, inspiring and entertaining in these same three areas.

What makes me qualified to write on these subjects?

Firstly, I’ve delivered over 4,000 training sessions over the last 4 years to my members, who’s average age is 62, an area I specialise, training the mature client.

I understand their limitations, needs and believe they can relate to me, I am also an avid consumer of fitness products specifically targeting this lovely group of people!

I have just qualified as a Precision Nutrition Coach, which is far more about behaviour than food, I will be talking about eating slowly, taking the long game approach and how to add new nutrition skills plus lots more.

Finally, I’ve just started a 9-week online course delivered by Dr. Sarah McKay an Oxford graduate based in Sydney, with over 23 years experience in the field of Neuroscience.

My blogs on Brain Health will be covering the ageing brain, the top-down, bottom-up, outside-in approach to a healthy brain and lots more..

I think that should keep me occupied whilst my knee gets better!

That’s it for now folks



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