Why Muscles Matter

There is something called the “ageing muscle” and it’s a big deal for people over 55, especially women after the menopause

Sarcopenia affects us all in varying amounts, people who have a more sedentary lifestyle will find their muscles will age quicker than someone who is more active.

Yes, we can all blame our genes or our DNA, but the biggest influence by far is our daily or even moment by moment lifestyle choices.

I could go on about a healthy balanced diet, with good sources of protein and fats, with lots of varied vegetables or getting a good 8 hours sleep or having lots friends you see often or reducing stress in your life and finally finding times to relax.
All of the above are important and should be part of your lifestyle.

But my real aim is to discuss the “ageing muscle”, because if you really want to be Younger Next Year, then you must tackle this head on, because simple going for regular walks is probably not enough.

Muscles ONLY get stronger if they are put under some stress, because your amazing body has one main aim, to stay alive and
any time your body is put under stress its adapts, in this case gets stronger in readiness for the next bout of stress.

The best method to stressing a muscle, is  to add some resistance or load, whether it’s your bodyweight, dumbbells or resistance bands.

And this resistance must be increased overtime or the muscles will not adapt (get stronger).

Walking just can’t do this, unless you walk up a mountain or a steep hill.

I’m definitely not saying walking is bad, (I walk my two Labradors every day), I’m just saying it’s not enough to stop the march of father time!

Resistance Training has many benefits

1. Strengthens our bones
2. Increases our metabolism.
3. Makes the activities of daily living – EASIER!
4. Improves confidence, so you take on more challenges
5. Keeps you doing what you enjoy doing for longer
6. Helps you burn more calories at rest
7. Makes you look good in clothes
8. Improves posture


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