Clients choose our One to One Personal Training for one of three reasons

  1. They need the flexibility of changing the times of the session to fit in with their lifestyle and work commitments
  2. They have specific goals to reach, may training for their sport or weight loss.
  3. They feel it’s too soon to join a group session after a long layoff without any training or they some specific injury or illness to deal with

John Eccles (74) joined us around 3 months ago whilst being treated for cancer. I have really admired John’s attitude and courage to take on this illness head on. He is open to all suggestion’s that could make a difference to his health and along with once per week session with me, he has a solid home exercise routine. He is a pleasure to coach.

A few word from John:

“Following a course of chemotherapy treatment which left me feeling weak & lacking strength, a friend recommended me to Tony Taylor as a person who could improve my level of fitness.

This has proved to be good advice & he has been very effective in assessing my capabilities & gradually my situation is I proving.

Although I attend only one session each week the exercises & routines worked out by Tony form the basis of daily exercise at home
I am grateful to him for his encouragement & perceptive analysis of my needs.”

John Eccles