Brain Body Connection

I see balance a little different, to me when we do Balance Training in our sessions we are achieving two things.

Firstly, our training has us attempting to balance on one leg at a time with or without assistance, because I tell my members if you want strong legs you must work them one at a time.

Yes, standing on one leg makes that leg ache usually very quickly, but that’s good because aching or stress makes the legs adapt and if you remember that means get stronger

Secondly, whenever we challenge our balance by standing on one leg or some other body position where we have a reduced base of support.

THE BRAIN LIGHTS UP (see image below) and does NOT matter whether we perform the exercise perfectly or not, just trying has the same effect on the brain.

The brain creates the same pathway using nerve pulses in patterns, so the more you TRY to perfect the act of balancing on one leg or with a reduce base of support so these patterns and connections become stronger, so your brain gets bigger!

Neuroscientists use the following phrase to describe this process

“Neurons that fire together, wire together”

Your brain is constantly changing, it’s either dying or growing!


Trying to balance on one leg is good for you, try it while you wait for the kettle to boil or cleaning your teeth…


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